Thinking about getting married in Thailand? Checkout our latest blog post to see the most amazing venues Thailand has to offer to make your dream a reality.

Choosing a destination for your wedding is a huge decision. After all, there are so many options to choose from all over the world. More and more people are choosing to say ‘I do’ in Thailand and it is easy to see why. Whether you imagine a beachside wedding, in the presence of elephants or in a luxurious hotel, Thailand has so much to choose from. To top it off, the Land of Smiles, as Thailand is famously known as, also comes with charming hosts, delicious food and great weather to match.

Wedding Venues in Thailand

With so many places to get married in Thailand, perhaps the most complex part of planning your Thailand wedding is choosing the actual venue. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a wedding venue in Thailand.

  • 1. Where will you say those magic words? Picture the setting that you have in mind when you say your wedding vows. Are you along the beach, looking out to panoramic views or inside a grand hall? Let your imagine guide you.
  • 2. Is the venue comfortable? This might sound like a given but too many people forget to consider that the venue should be well-ventilated and feature amenities, such as toilets and even showers for your guests
  • 3. Is there enough space? Unless you plan on arriving at the venue being ready to go, you’re probably going to need some space to get ready - without having to say hello to everyone that’s walking around. You also want to make sure that your guests have a place to lounge around and relax.
  • 4. Thai or Western? You can choose between a classic Western-style wedding or get married like the locals in a traditional Thai way.
  • 5. What about the reception? The kind of reception you want will determine whether you need a lot of space (dancing and partying, anyone?) or not much more (like a lovely dinner and toasting). Make sure to ask about your options.
  • 6. Do you care about the weather? If you are getting married outdoors then you should be aware that the weather might not cooperate. Even though Thailand has lots of sunny, gorgeous days, all it takes is some rain to completely change the atmosphere. If you don’t care, great! But if you do, be prepared, consider having your wedding indoors, especially during rainy reason. Or have a plan B ready just in case.

Other important things to consider when choosing between places to get married in Thailand are your budget, the amount of guests and logistics and the menu.



Some of the best wedding venues in Thailand are right on the country’s beautiful beaches. It’s hard to beat the serene atmosphere that comes with a quiet, tastefully decorated beachfront wedding. Beach wedding in Koh Samui is one of the most popular wedding locations the world, offering upmarket accommodation close to the beaches. Phuket is another popular option and is also an entry point to many smaller, secluded islands. Lastly, Krabi has gorgeous limestone cliffs and lush surroundings.

Elephant Camps


If you’ve pictured getting married at an elephant camp, you’re not the only one. An elephant wedding offers a unique experience to make your wedding standout. There are several options for elephant weddings across the country, ranging from the mountainous areas of Northern Thailand to the beaches in the South.

Golf Clubs


Golf clubs can be an excellent location to have a wedding in Thailand. They are already equipped with gorgeous landscaped areas and they definitely have enough space for accommodating large groups. Most golf clubs also offer elegant indoor and outdoor dining facilities, and gazebos or archways where your wedding ceremony can take place.



Thai people tend to choose hotels as a wedding venue, and for good reason. Hotels are incredibly convenient with accommodation onsite and everyone in the same location. They also tend to be quite cost effective due to wedding package deals on top of the amenities that hotels are already happy to include (chairs, tables, dishes!).

Hotels are also ready to go, meaning you don’t have to turn the place inside out to make it appealing. Everything you need is pretty much onsite so you can focus on the finer details that will make your wedding even more special. Plus, getting ready for your wedding in a hotel room is an event that many people have imagined before.

Formal Gardens


Garden weddings in Thailand are another beautiful outdoor option. There are numerous garden venues across the country, whether you want to get married in a luxury hotel’s garden setting, in a park or even a gorgeous cliffside garden that overlooks the ocean. Picture the combination of lush, immaculate gardens, ponds and the smell of Thailand’s most fragrant flowers that will reduce, or even eliminate, your decoration costs.

Community Halls


While many people want an extravagant wedding venue, some are happy to get married in a community hall. They are a simple and romantic way to get married, though there are some pros and cons to keep in mind. Some pros of having a community hall wedding are the cost and having only your closest friends and family with you, though the latter might be considered a con depending on the size of your circle. Another con is that you don’t get to have a big wedding day and many community halls are not visually appealing.

Whichever venue you choose for your big day, we hope that you have the best wedding that is as close to your heart’s desire as it can be.