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Wedding Photography Thailand I How To Find & Pick a Photographer

Getting married in Thailand soon but not sure about the wedding photos? Checkout our latest blog to find out all about wedding photography in Thailand.

What Do Wedding Photographers Do?

A professional wedding photographer will capture all of the images of your wedding, from the ceremony to a reception. They will bring all of the equipment needed, too, including cameras, flash units, lighting, tripods and much more.

What does a wedding photographer do? Knowing the answer to this will help you find a photographer who will be there for the entire duration of your big day. The photographer will photograph all of the details, pose your guests, and provide you with edited images that you can then use to share online and have printed into a wedding album.

Alternatives to a Wedding Photographer

If you don't hire a wedding photographer, you can ask guests to take photos using their own cameras, smartphones, and other digital devices. You might also want to place disposable cameras on the tables and ask people to take fun photos throughout the day or night. It will be cheaper, but you run the risk of not getting any good photos of you on your wedding day.

Why hire a professional wedding photographer? It is a guaranteed way to get quality images that will last a lifetime. A professional will have lighting, different lenses, and much more. It will allow them to capture images regardless of what the setting might be. Additionally, you want someone who is dedicated to taking the photos. You don't want your guests getting so into the reception that they forget to take pictures like you were hoping for them to do.

Choosing Your Photographer

Knowing what to look for in a wedding photographer is of the utmost importance. You should look at some of their past work to get an idea of what their style is and what you can expect from your own wedding.

You need to know what to ask your wedding photographer. This includes finding out how long they will be there for, if there is a limit to the number of photographs they take, and how long it will take for you to get your photographs back. Additionally, you should also ask about the total cost.

Finding a Wedding Photographer

It's important to take the time to find a wedding photographer. This includes knowing their availability for your day, the costs, as well as what is included in the cost.

Venues like Beach Republic offers professional in-house wedding photography in their beach wedding packages. It allows you to focus on other aspects of the wedding planning and reduce your stress.

Learning how to find a wedding photographer is easy once you know what to look for. Explore the options or opt for a wedding package where everything is all-inclusive.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you have been looking at pre wedding photography Thailand brides have maintained the tradition. It's extremely popular to have a professional photographer to come out and take pre-wedding photos. The photoshoot is almost always on the beach, providing the tropical background. The photos are used as engagement photos and might be included in a slideshow at the wedding or a key image could be framed. Guests might even be asked to sign the frame as a way of creating a keepsake.

A wedding in Thailand is a memorable occasion. Finding a professional photographer will leave you with the knowledge that your wedding photos will be captured. Having high-quality images will allow you to look back on the special day for the rest of your life.