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Located onsite at the Beach Republic Ocean Club, Whisgars is a unique concept bar with branches throughout Asia.

Enjoy high-end Single Malt Whiskies and Premium Hand-Rolled Cigars in a luxurious cigar-friendly setting. Our staff is very well trained in providing the very best in service and help to create the ultimate cigar and whiskey experience.


We serve only the highest quality Single Malt Whiskies. As well as working with some of the biggest names in the industry, we also deal directly with select distilleries in Scotland, enabling us to obtain single cask whiskies direct from the source. Most of our whiskies are limited batches, with less than 500 bottles in existence, making our inventory highly sought after and very exclusive.


We have taken equal consideration with our cigar inventory and offer only the best Premium, Hand-Rolled Cigars. This ensures that every cigar we provide is only the finest tobacco, the best blends, and was made using consistent construction practices. Every cigar in our inventory has been inspected by hand and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and the best smoking experience. Our passion for cigars and combined 50 years in the cigar industry allow us to say with certainty that the finest cigars in the world are being served at Whisgars.

Whisgars is located just opposite the Beach Club entrance. Stop on by for a smooth whiskey and cigar any time day or night.

For more information about Whisgars please contact us.